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The Great Easter Chicken Conspiracy

April 7, 2012

Scientists in China recently uncovered what they believe to be a fossil of a feathered dinosaur, they say the discovery provides us with the first direct evidence for the presence of extensively feathered giant dinosaurs and that it offers new insights into early feather evolution.

Can you believe this, who do these people think they are expecting us to be so gullible as to believe their story?

It should be obvious to anybody with even a semblance of common sense that dinosaurs could not have had feathers, after all, they were “reptiles” and how often does one see a feathered reptile? I believe the truth is that what these scientists have found is nothing more than the body of an Easter chicken.

What is happening here is that the scientists were obviously digging for Easter eggs well before the season started, maybe they even killed the poor Easter chicken by accident while it was laying its eggs for children to find and not wanting to be caught out they then came up with the story of a feathered dinosaur.

The proof is right there for all of us to see, a large dead animal buried in a shallow grave and lots of feathers all over the place, and as we all know an Easter chicken would have to be very large indeed, perhaps as big as a dinosaur otherwise how else would it lay those monster sized Easter eggs one finds in the supermarkets?

Need more proof? ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen a bunny rabbit lay an egg?

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