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Ancient Aussies ruled the world

April 8, 2012

Wonderwerk Cave is an archaeological site in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, it is also a National Heritage Site which has been studied and researched since 1940; recently experts form the National Academy of Sciences informed the public of a new study which confirms that ash and burnt bone samples found within the cave suggests that our ancestors once used fire in that area some one million years ago.

Experts cite the evidence of fire use as a key step towards the evolution of a larger brain in humans and stone tools found at the site suggest these ancient ancestors of ours were Homo Erectus, a species which by then was already some one million years old.

I put it to our readers that not only were these people Homo Erectus, they must also have been distant relatives of Homo Australianus; the evidence for such a suggestion is as follows:

a) Animal bones which show a discoloration and chemical signs of being heated are certainly the remains of an early Aussie BBQ .. ie: Someone cleaned the barbie with beer thus causing some beer stains to permeate a T-Bone steak all the way to the bone.

b) Burnt materials like leaves, grass and twigs suggest an old yet typical Aussie method of starting a BBQ.

c) Evidence suggesting there was a fire inside the cave clearly suggests that after the BBQ the Aussies got drunk and set the place on fire.

The evidence is clear, not only are Aussies the masters of Cricket, Rugby, Swimming and just about every other sports known to man, they were even then, masters of the BBQ.

What were ancient Aussies doing in a South African cave such a long time ago? Well, that’s obvious … Playing Cricket against the South Africans; I’m sure we won! 🙂

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