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Remaking Humanity?

April 8, 2012

Two university professors of philosophy have come forward with a idea for saving humanity from the threat of climate warming, they say that since our environmental footprint is directly related to our size then the solution to adapting to climate change is to genetically engineer people to make them smaller.

Furthering their idea the scientists also propose that humans be genetically modified to not eat red meat citing the fact that 51% of the world’s gas emissions come from livestock farming.

According to these two philosophers, human engineering deserves serious consideration in the debate about how to solve climate change, they have written their ideas in a paper for the academic journal Ethics, Policy & Environment.

One of their other ideas is that people should be given a drug known as “oxytocin” to encourage them to act as a group and to boost their appreciation of other life forms and nature.

Their idea has sparked a storm of angry protests across the internet with some environmentalists claiming the idea is nothing short of “The worst climate-change solution” of all time.

Our thoughts:

People are meant to be free and independant, to give them any kind of drugs to alter their physical make-up is bad enough but to so much as consider giving people a drug that might make them act more as group than individuals is a monstrous idea that once upon a time would only have come from places such as the old Communist Russia or Nth Korea.

The two philosophers emphasize they are not advocating human engineering be adopted, only that it be considered. Perhaps they should try all these ideas on themselves first.

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