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Arctic Haze

April 8, 2012

Walking through the North pole in the year 1893, the Norwegian explorer and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Fridtjof Nansen, noticed the ice under his feet was covered in dark stains, this left him puzzled as to why and how such a pristine area might become so dirty.

Even before Nansen’s trip to the pole other explorers and whalers as far back as the year 1750 had not only seen the same stains but had also noticed a foggy layer which appeared to surround the northern skies.

This phenomenon is now known as Arctic Haze, a seasonal effect caused by trans-boundary anthropogenic pollution notably the burning of fossil fuels and especially coal-burning in Asian power plants; many of the pollutants are sulfur, mercury, aluminium, vanadium, manganese, and the rest is carbon, this gives the haze an unusual reddish colour.

Although other greenhouse gases are helping to thaw the arctic ice sheets the haze is also an obvious source of our global climate problems as it is part of the man made phenomenon of Global Dimming. During the dark Arctic winters the haze mixes with thin clouds allowing them to trap heat more easily, this is due to the fact that there is no precipitation to wash out the aerosols out of the sky.

Depending on the quantities of pollutants present the haze may show various colors. A major problem with Arctic Haze is that because of the lack of precipitation the chemicals may remain in the atmosphere for considerable periods of time raising the temperatures by up to 5.4 Deg. C during the winter season.

Readers wishing to do some further research on the Arctic Haze phenomenon might like to read this excellent research paper from the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska

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Remaking Humanity?

April 8, 2012

Two university professors of philosophy have come forward with a idea for saving humanity from the threat of climate warming, they say that since our environmental footprint is directly related to our size then the solution to adapting to climate change is to genetically engineer people to make them smaller.

Furthering their idea the scientists also propose that humans be genetically modified to not eat red meat citing the fact that 51% of the world’s gas emissions come from livestock farming.

According to these two philosophers, human engineering deserves serious consideration in the debate about how to solve climate change, they have written their ideas in a paper for the academic journal Ethics, Policy & Environment.

One of their other ideas is that people should be given a drug known as “oxytocin” to encourage them to act as a group and to boost their appreciation of other life forms and nature.

Their idea has sparked a storm of angry protests across the internet with some environmentalists claiming the idea is nothing short of “The worst climate-change solution” of all time.

Our thoughts:

People are meant to be free and independant, to give them any kind of drugs to alter their physical make-up is bad enough but to so much as consider giving people a drug that might make them act more as group than individuals is a monstrous idea that once upon a time would only have come from places such as the old Communist Russia or Nth Korea.

The two philosophers emphasize they are not advocating human engineering be adopted, only that it be considered. Perhaps they should try all these ideas on themselves first.

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Ancient Aussies ruled the world

April 8, 2012

Wonderwerk Cave is an archaeological site in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, it is also a National Heritage Site which has been studied and researched since 1940; recently experts form the National Academy of Sciences informed the public of a new study which confirms that ash and burnt bone samples found within the cave suggests that our ancestors once used fire in that area some one million years ago.

Experts cite the evidence of fire use as a key step towards the evolution of a larger brain in humans and stone tools found at the site suggest these ancient ancestors of ours were Homo Erectus, a species which by then was already some one million years old.

I put it to our readers that not only were these people Homo Erectus, they must also have been distant relatives of Homo Australianus; the evidence for such a suggestion is as follows:

a) Animal bones which show a discoloration and chemical signs of being heated are certainly the remains of an early Aussie BBQ .. ie: Someone cleaned the barbie with beer thus causing some beer stains to permeate a T-Bone steak all the way to the bone.

b) Burnt materials like leaves, grass and twigs suggest an old yet typical Aussie method of starting a BBQ.

c) Evidence suggesting there was a fire inside the cave clearly suggests that after the BBQ the Aussies got drunk and set the place on fire.

The evidence is clear, not only are Aussies the masters of Cricket, Rugby, Swimming and just about every other sports known to man, they were even then, masters of the BBQ.

What were ancient Aussies doing in a South African cave such a long time ago? Well, that’s obvious … Playing Cricket against the South Africans; I’m sure we won! 🙂

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The Great Easter Chicken Conspiracy

April 7, 2012

Scientists in China recently uncovered what they believe to be a fossil of a feathered dinosaur, they say the discovery provides us with the first direct evidence for the presence of extensively feathered giant dinosaurs and that it offers new insights into early feather evolution.

Can you believe this, who do these people think they are expecting us to be so gullible as to believe their story?

It should be obvious to anybody with even a semblance of common sense that dinosaurs could not have had feathers, after all, they were “reptiles” and how often does one see a feathered reptile? I believe the truth is that what these scientists have found is nothing more than the body of an Easter chicken.

What is happening here is that the scientists were obviously digging for Easter eggs well before the season started, maybe they even killed the poor Easter chicken by accident while it was laying its eggs for children to find and not wanting to be caught out they then came up with the story of a feathered dinosaur.

The proof is right there for all of us to see, a large dead animal buried in a shallow grave and lots of feathers all over the place, and as we all know an Easter chicken would have to be very large indeed, perhaps as big as a dinosaur otherwise how else would it lay those monster sized Easter eggs one finds in the supermarkets?

Need more proof? ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen a bunny rabbit lay an egg?

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Hello world!

March 31, 2012

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